Surah Nas

Surah Nas lesson, worksheet and accompanying PowerPoint presentation Surah Nas lapbook from Surah Nas notebooking pages from Surah Nas Word Work by Umm Nu’man Surah Nas Word Cards by Iman’s Homeschool Illustrated Tafsir by NAK Surah Nas Tafsir Guide and Worksheet by Arabic Adventures Word Work for younger children by Only Child’s Play

Surah Al-Alaa

Designed by Dessert in the Desert Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Surah Alaa Tafsir Guide by Arabic Adventures Surah Alaa Worksheet by Arabic Adventures Tafsir by Ibn Kathir Illustrated recitation of Surah Al’Alaa Learning Resources by TJ Homeschooling

Surah Alaq

Lesson 1, worksheet and presentation by Dessert in the Desert Lesson 2, worksheet and presentation by Dessert in the Desert Surah Alaq Notebooking pages from Notes on Surah Alaq from Lollies Place LEGO Illustration of ayahs 1-5 Tafsir by Ibn Kathir Illustrated Recitation of Surah Alaq

Surah Ma’un

Lesson Plan, worksheet, Powerpoint presentation and kindness activity by Dessert in the Desert Tafsir by Ibn Kathir Lapbook Template Surah Ma’un word work by Umm Nu’man LEGO illustration Illustrated Recitation of Surah Ma’un Tafsir for Kids – Surah Ma’un Kindness Calendar


All worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans are downloadable through dropbox. These are not for sale. Lessons developed by Dessert in the Desert Intro lesson Army of the Elephant Puzzle on Year of the Elephant Pre-Islamic Arabia Honesty of Muhammed (saws) Revelation and Dreams Iqra First Believers Brotherhood Abu Lahab Mus’ab, Hamza and Umar (ra) …

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Surah Kahf

This was by far my favorite series. I had the opportunity to reteach this series (online!) during the Covid season – Ramadan 2020. Using some ideas that were relevant to what the kids have been going through, I summarized the four main trials outlined in Surah Al-Kahf and separated them into four different easy-to-follow lesson …

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