Lives of the Prophets lessons

Lesson plans, activities, and Powerpoint presentations developed solely for the use of educational purposes. Please contact me on FB or IG if you have any questions. Prophet Adam Prophet Nuh Prophet Hud Prophet Salih Prophet Yunus Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Idris Prophet Lut Prophet Ayub Prophet Dawud Prophet Sulaiman Prophet Yusuf Prophet Yusuf LEGO project Prophet

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All Things Ramadan

Updated February 2023 Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu I am utterly grateful for the hours and hours we spent planning the perfect Ramadan activities for our students. The kids looked forward to the activities, games, scavenger hunt and of course, the food, that the parents donated to ensure that these Muslim tweens and teens

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Surah Kahf

This was by far my favorite series. I had the opportunity to reteach this series (online!) during the Covid season – Ramadan 2020. Using some ideas that were relevant to what the kids have been going through, I summarized the four main trials outlined in Surah Al-Kahf and separated them into four different easy-to-follow lesson

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Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet SAWS)

Lessons and Presentations Developed by Dessert in the Desert Life of Abu Bakr (ra) Life of Omar bin Khattab (ra) Life of Uthman bin Affan (ra) Ten Promised Jannah Project Ten Promised Jannah Notebooking Pages by Iman Homeschool Sahaba Poster Cards by Quran Weekly Videos by Omar Suleiman (Superstar Series) Sa’eed Ibn Zaid –

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I listened to this wonderful series called the “Sweetness of Salah” a few years ago. While I listened to it, I jotted down the main points and developed these lessons based on those lectures. I highly recommend that you watch those videos because honestly, they make a huge impact on your prayer. Lessons developed by

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