Courses created for Muslim teens and tweens

We break down fundamental concepts around faith. 

My courses are based on instilling fundamental Islamic values that teens and tweens can hold onto as they move around the world. These classes are taught live by me and they are not pre-recorded. 

Lives of the Prophets

Each week, we will conduct a brief study of the following prophets: Prophet Adam (as), Prophet Nuh (as), Prophet Hud (as) and Prophet Salih (as).

I am offering a four part series for teens and tweens ages 10-14, starting on Oct. 16th. I am aiming for the course to be rolled out over four weekends inshAllah.


A 3 Part Series on the Life of Prophet Yusuf

This free course is created for teens and tweens 10-15 to help share the beautiful lessons we can derive from the life of Prophet Yusuf and how we can apply them to our own lives. 

I am offering a three part series for teens and tweens ages 10-15, starting on Sept. 27th. I am aiming for the course to be rolled out over three weekends inshAllah.


3 Sessions Designed to Explain the Meaning Of the 3 Quls

This course is designed to help your teen / tween understand the meaning of the three Quls

The course is free but spots are limited

The Night Journey & Ascension of Prophet Muhammad

Al-Isra’ wal-Mi’raj (the Night Journey & Ascension) is a miracle second only to the revelation of the Qur’an.


It is therefore important that we don’t let this night slip by without reflecting on its lessons and its significance.

A 4 Week Course on Understanding the Meaning of Surah Fatiha

The topic for this year’s Ramadan Prep Course is the tafseer of Surah Fatiha

This course is appropriate for Muslim teens and tweens, ages 10-16.

A Unit Plan for Surah Kahf

I summarized the four main trials outlined in Surah Al-Kahf and separated them into four different easy-to-follow lesson plans

This class is broken down into 4 lessons focusing on the 4 main trials outlined in the surah. 

A Unit Plan about the Day of Judgement

The purpose of this course is to cover the seven categories of people that will receive shade by the throne of Allah (swt)

This class is based on the course Shaded Glory by Imam Omar Sulaiman

The Virtual Hajj Experience

A two-part course taking students through the rites and passages of the Hajj experience. 

The first session consists of a lecture and slideshow outlining the different rites of Hajj and their significance. The second session goes over various activities that were inspired by these rites.