Lives of the Prophets lessons

Lesson plans, activities, and Powerpoint presentations developed solely for the use of educational purposes. Please contact me on FB or IG if you have any questions.

Prophet Adam

Prophet Nuh

Prophet Hud

Prophet Salih

Prophet Yunus

Prophet Ibrahim

Prophet Idris

Prophet Lut

Prophet Ayub

Prophet Dawud

Prophet Sulaiman

Prophet Yusuf

Prophet Yusuf LEGO project

Prophet Musa

Story of Prophet Musa (as) illustrated by NAK

Prophet Zakariya, Yahya and Isa (as)

Additional Resources

Stories of the Prophets Qur’an Weekly videos

Quran Stories for Kids (appropriate for younger kids)

Lollies Place

Stories of the Prophets Notebooking Pages by Iman Homeschool

Resources by Umm Maimoonah

Resources by TJ Homeschooling

Learn About the Prophets of Allah Coloring Book

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