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Adeeba Jafri

Adeeba is the author of several books including The Baby Garden, A Zoom with a View and Show Yourself.

The Prophet Musa (as) unit plan consists of three lessons.

Part 1 covers the early life of Prophet Musa (as). You’ll see that I used some Lego images from the Read with Meaning website. I have always loved teaching my classes with Lego’s because it forces the kids to create a visual representation of what they’ve learned.

Part II covers the story of Musa (as) and the Pharoah. I used a few images from the movie “The Prince of Egypt” but I did not use any pictures that depicted Prophet Musa (as) in any way.

Part III covers the story of Musa (as) as he travels to learn from Al-Khidr. You’ll see that I used the same slideshow from the Surah Kahf unit. The difference, though, was that I focused more on the actions of Musa (as).

In all of my lessons, I don’t focus too much on vocabulary or key terms. The kids I work with are tweens and teens. They already know these stories as we’ve covered them before. I spend more time on discussion and making sure the kids understand the key concepts behind these stories.

Please let me know if anything is lacking. I know that my lessons can sometimes be unclear. Just shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions.