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Show Yourself by Adeeba Jafri is made up of two groundbreaking pieces of YA fiction that inspiration from real life to promote mental health awareness in teenage readers. In Show Yourself, the story of a missing phone runs parallel to a story about friendship, hurt and the importance of talking about how you feel.
In A Wound Like No Other, Jafri further explores themes of love, isolation and the complexities that exist within a conservative Muslim community. 
These beautifully written stories centered around mental health have an ensemble of relatable characters who find themselves in difficult positions. Their dilemmas and actions will strike a chord in every reader and will stay with you long after you turn the last page. 


For only $15, get an exclusive, signed copy of Show Yourself by the author, Adeeba Jafri, delivered to your doorstep.

$15.00 includes flat rate shipping. Offer available to US residents only. 

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