I listened to this wonderful series called the “Sweetness of Salah” a few years ago. While I listened to it, I jotted down the main points and developed these lessons based on those lectures. I highly recommend that you watch those videos because honestly, they make a huge impact on your prayer.

Lessons developed by Dessert in the Desert

Unit Plan





Salah lapbook by Sr. Sauda

Conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer lapbook by


Salah Checklist

Resources by Iman’s Homeschool

My Five Daily Salah Record by Rahmamuslimhomeschool

Salah Sequencing Cards by A Muslim Child is Born

Prayer Tree Chart

Dhikr Booklets by Talibdeen Jr.

Fajr Dhikr Booklet

Dhuhr Dhikr Booklet

Asr Dhikr Booklet

Maghrib Dhikr Booklet

Isha Dhikr Booklet

Learn About Prayer Positions and Rakah by TJ Homeschooling

A unit of study on Khushoo in prayer by TJ Homeschooling

Conditions, Pillars, Requirements of Salah

Taste the Beauty of Salah book

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